Below you can find the different joints that Canada Pipe offers for ductile iron pipe. For more information on sizing and other specifications, simply download the submittal sheet located underneath each individual joint.

  • Tyton® Joint Pipe

    Tyton® Joint Pipe

    Simple. Sturdy. Reliable. The predominant gasket employed throughout the ductile iron pipe industry by several pipe manufacturers. Made of flexible and resistant rubber, the Tyton gasket provides a permanent watertight seal through radial compression provided by the pipe spigot within the finished joint.

  • Fastite® Joint Pipe

    Fastite® Joint Pipe

    Designed for use within a Fastite ductile iron pipe bell, this flexible rubber gasket provides a permanent watertight seal through radial compression provided by the entering pipe spigot. While not interchangeable with Tyton gaskets, the Fastite gasket is equal to the task within a ductile iron joint manufactured for its use.

  • TR Flex® Restrained Joint Pipe

    TR Flex® Restrained Joint Pipe

    Simply put, the most-widely accepted and installed integrally-cast restraint joint system in the ductile iron pipe industry. Proven as a versatile and easy-to-use item, this joint is flexible, sure, and watertight to and beyond its 350-psi pressure rating while preventing longitudinal separation of the joints whether installed above or below ground. TR Flex utilizes the Tyton joint gasket for a watertight seal along with a factory adapted spigot and extended bell casting to provide positive and permanent joint restraint.

  • Mechanical Joint Pipe

    Mechanical Joint Pipe

    The "original" modern pipe joint, circa 1925; the mechanical joint remains in use primarily as a means for connecting fittings, valves, and similar appurtenances to a pipeline. The nuts, bolts, and gland featured in the joint provide a permanent watertight seal to 350 psi and more through a .stuffing box. compression of the gasket into its counterpart triangular recess of the joint.

  • Ball and Socket Joint Pipe

    Ball and Socket Joint Pipe

    All the best of Tyton or Fastite rubber-gasket sealed ductile iron pipe joints with triple the maximum deflection available from either. Designed and used in subaqueous installations where lateral forces and an unsure bury condition demand a strong yet flexible restraint joint piping system. 15-degrees of deflection per joint equates to a 4-1/2 foot available offset in every full length of pipe laid or launched.